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Family Wellness

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Family Wellness


Take it Outside!


Exposure to the natural world is essential to a child's emotional health and proper development. It is how they learn about their world and their place in it. It is where they learn that all things in life are connected. Research shows that children who regularly play outside are happier, healthier and stronger.
Here are some ideas:
  • Rainbow Run - talk about colors of the rainbow as you name colors, run and touch 3 things that are that color.


  • Go for a walk after dinner as a family. Walk tall and breathe deeply.


  • Kneel down and watch an ant with your child. Talk about what the ant is doing.


  • Blow bubbles outside. Chase and catch the bubble before it pops.


  • Arrange leaves, rocks, shells, etc. in groups according to size or shape


  • Wear a plastic garbage sacks over your feet and legs and go puddle jumping together


  • Collect leaves from different trees and make a book with your child. Talk about the day you collected the leaves.


Move, Play and Learn at Home


Head Start knows you are your child's first and best teacher. When you are playing with your child in an active way, your child is learning about how to control his body, colors, shapes, and navigating over, around and through. Create an obstacle course with household items such as dining chairs, hula hoops, and soft furniture. Put on some fun music and have some fun!

 Family Wellness


What is it that keeps your family well? Make a list of the things your family can do to stay strong when life gets challenging. How many of these does your family already practice?

1.  Keep a list of things you are grateful for.  If you have trouble with this - imagine all the problems you could have...but don't!

2. Keep a predictable daily schedule that includes a pleasant activity for each family member.

3. Eat to sustain a high level of health.  Think plant foods, water for drinking and keeping snacks to simple whole foods, like fruit.

4.Each day plan a few minutes of quiet time when family can share the details of their days. Listen to each other carefully.

5. Get outside in the fresh air every day. Spend a few moments just enjoying the gifts of air, water, and the natural environment.

6. Make time to maintain relationships. Maintain a balanced life as parent and person.


Life Balance


Work on creating a life that includes a balance of the following aspects. Spend some time thinking about what this will look like when you have it the way you want it. You will need to be flexable in your approach and will need to re-balance often. This is a goal to continually work towards.

Satisfying Work

Physical and Mental Health

Family Relationships that are Happy

Spirituality that Gives You Strength and Joy


Personal Growth from Interests and Hobbies

Fun and Recreation as a Family and as a Person

Enough Money to Meet Basic Needs

Friendships that Sustain You in Good Times and Bad