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SEEKERS is a life changing program

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Mary-Margaret Reynolds, Special Projects Manager, recently saw Dulce Diaz-Trejo (past parent/new employee) and had the following exchange with her....

"Dulce is probably our youngest Seeker to date at 23 years old. I was going to encourage her to talk to the Training Manager (Mary G.) about going back to school. Ducle looked at me and smiled. "Let me show you," she said as she pulled out her cell phone and brought up her Lane Community College admittance email. "As soon as they told me I had the job I talked to the Training Manager and she said to enroll and they would send her the bill. I have my two jobs, I'll be in school, and my mother can help me with my daughter. I'm doing it!"

What a difference the the SEEKERS program and HSOLC are making in her life. I look forward to the day when she won't have to work two jobs to make ends meet, but like she says, she's doing it.

So, if you ever have a day when you are a little down and wonder if we are making a difference, just think of Dulce . For her, we are changing the world."

Head Start of Lane County offers a parent volunteer career training program that can lead to Head Start employment. This program is called SEEKERS: Specialized Employment Efforts Keep Education Running Smoothly. Last year, Dulce Diaz-Trejo completed the program and is now employed with Head Start of Lane County.

SEEKERS is open to currently enrolled parents/guardians and past parents (2 years out). Have parents call 541-77-2425 and ask for Mary-Margaret Reynolds or Anne Handy. Space is limited but the rewards are priceless!