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Office of Head Start: Federal Update

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Here is the latest Federal information from National Head Start Association:

Block Granting Last week, the Head Start community demonstrated fantastic unity and solidarity against block granting proposals by its rapid, resounding reaction to Senator Lee and Congressman Banks' recently introduced, and aggressively pursued legislation to block grant Head Start funding to States. The NHSA team is both grateful and gratified that even though it was a holiday week end, a by Monday, a letter representing all grantees was signed by National Indian Head Start Directors' Association, National Migrant and Seasonal Head Start Association, every state association, the District of Columbia, as well as every regional association, co-signed a letter of strong opposition to the proposed legislation. The letter went to every Member of Congress, through their educational staff. WOW! One strong, united voice!

But that was not all... Most of the state associations then followed up by contacting every member of their Congressional delegation with state specific information, a request to oppose block granting, and attached the Lee-Banks letter with it. All the programs in a state were cc'd in those emails.

And, the Indiana Head Start programs in Congressman Banks' District went a step further trying to attend the Town Halls that he and his staff held locally.


Appropriations The FY'17 Continuing Resolution (CR) will expire this Saturday, April 28. Since there are still some unresolved issues, it is very likely that there may be another short-term (a week or so) resolution, to allow for additional negotiations. The subsequent omnibus will hopefully have some of the increases that were in the House and Senate bills last fall.

An unwanted possibility would be if the Defense appropriation were to be passed separately, and the LHHS and other remaining bills put under a yearlong CR (until September 30). For programs that would mean having effectively slightly lower funding levels from last year.

Possible government shutdown - we understand that the possibility is very, very slight (less than 15%). And, if it were ever to occur, it would likely be brief.
Still, for May 1 grantees - the great news is that OHS will be funding all their May 1 grantees this week