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Moments in Time: Fishing Day

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The fish were jumping, the sun was shining, the games were lively and the food was fresh and hot. It was a great day to be part of the Head Start family. A big thank you to staff who gave up their Saturday to help

~ Facilities - Sean and Robert. They brought the supplies then set up and tore down! Teri was an extra hand!

~ Food Service - Julie, Sara, Cheri, Karla, Rufus and Annie served up the meals to over 200 families!

~ Fishing Poles - Russ for getting poles ready and Marika for being the point person for families who needed a pole and help baiting hooks!

~ Information - Patrick and Blanca were the friendly faces families were greeted with!

~ Games - Jen, Angela, Karla for keeping the games going and children asking for more!

~ Parents and Family Helpers- SEEKERS, Policy Council and HS staff family members gave the extra touch needed to bring this day together.

Year 17 is in the books!