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Is that a Head Start Child?

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In April National Head Start will be 53 years old. HSOLC started in 1974 - 44 years old and HSOLC is still not well known in Lane County. We have to change that. We have to make our communities want to be Head Starters and a part of this amazing opportunity.

It takes business leaders to write on our behalf, it takes parents telling their stories, it takes you making it known how much you do for kids and for the whole family. The SEEKERS group is a reflection of the support and skills given by you - all staff.

If you are not a friend of the HSOLC Facebook page please do - read the story written by a single dad who now has a Head Start team supporting him. I share these types of stories with our grant funders and in publications and brochures and and and. I sent the single dad story to our Seattle Region X Federal Rep and she in turned shared it with her staff.

It takes you asking "is that a Head Start child to start the conversation and make the words Head Start a part of everyday life. It takes you sharing with me in order for me to share at the state and national levels.

Who do you write - elected officials and share how you feel about early childhood education.

Sami Allen
Executive Assistant