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Emergency Information

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School Closures

Any decision to close or open classes with a delay will be broadcast on local television news channels and radio stations starting at 7AM, including weather related closures or delays.

Classroom Emergencies

Classroom staff are certified in CPR/First Aid. If there is an emergency with your child, we will contact you or your emergency contacts in addition to calling any of these necessary resources:

  • Medical Service (9-1-1).
  • Hospital emergency room/clinic.
  • Poison Control.
  • The program Health Consultant, a Registered Nurse (RN).



You must inform us if your child is going to be absent, with the reason and the expected return date. One scheduled vacation, family visit or other planned absence of up to three calendar weeks will be permitted each program year. Families will be expected to participate in alternative services during an extended absence.





























Sick Days

If your child is sick at school, we will call you to pick up your child.


An oral temperature over 101 or 100 if taken under the arm.

A painful red throat, even if no fever is present.

A deep hacking cough.

Severe congestion. Difficulty breathing or untreated wheezing (call your doctor).

An unexplained rash.

Vomiting (more than one time in 24 hours).

Diarrhea (runny, watery, or *bloody stools. *this may be serious, see your doctor immediately).

Complaints of a stiff neck/headache with one or more of the above symptoms (call your doctor).

Thick, green drainage from the nose, along with sinus pressure, fever or tiredness.

Yellow discharge from the eyes.

An unusual yellow coloring to the skin or eyes (call your doctor).

Cuts or openings on the skin that are pus-filled or oozing (bring doctor’s note and keep sores covered).

Lice or nits in hair (ask Family Service Staff for help).

A contagious disease. If you know or suspect your child has a contagious disease, call the teacher or Family Service Staff (see doctor).