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Human Resources

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Employment and Staff/Supervisor Support

Human Resources is the department that -

  • recruits and screens qualified applicants for jobs; helps select qualified employees;
  • plans and presents appropriate new staff and volunteer orientations;
  • administers employee benefit orientations and education;
  • creates and maintains employee records, documents, personnel policies/procedures, personnel/volunteer handbooks;
  • assists staff/supervisors with personnel related matters;
  • responsible for compliance with Federal, State &Local laws/regulations related to employee rights, wage and hour and labor issues.
  • compliance with Head Start Performance Standards

2017-2018 All Staff Longevity Awards

The 2017-2018 school starts with the All Staff gathering where Head Start of Lane County shares current events and presenters provide inspirational message to staff. Special recognition is given to staff who obtained a college degree and those who have been employed for five plus years.



Become a SEEKER

Head Start of Lane County built a volunteer training program based on the knowledge that specialized employment efforts keeps education running smoothly - which has become the "SEEKERS" Program. Current Head Start Parents can apply to become a SEEKER. A SEEKER graduate is eligible to apply for a substitute teacher position as they continue pursuing a career in early childhood education.

Learn more by watching the SEEKER video and going to the "support us" tab for details about the SEEKER program.


HR Department Tabs

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Central Background Registry

Verified enrollment with the Child Care Division/Central Background Registry is required prior to hiring for any position with Head Start of Lane County.   Application for enrollment may be completed online. If you are unable to submit your application electronically the paper application and change of address forms are also available.  Once hired, all staff must maintian enrollment (must be renewed every two years) for continued employement.  See also additional processes at the bottom of this section.

You must be enrolled in the Central Background Registry if you are 18 years or older and:

  • The owner, operator, employee, or volunteer of a program regulated by the Child Care Division.
  • The operator, employee, or volunteer of an Oregon pre-kindergarten or federal Head Start program.
  • A Contractor or an employee of a contractor who provides early childhood special education or early intervention services.
  • A substitute, regular visitor, or an individual who has unsupervised contact with children in a CCD regulated facility.


**HSOLC Staff, when renewing your enrollment, please use the following information to fill out section 6 of the application:

CCD Facility/License #

License Number Site Name/address
PC 1  Head Start of Lane County, 221 B Street, Springfield 97477 (Substitute Staff)
CC502597 Delight Valley HSOLC, 79980 Delight Valley School Rd., Cottage Grove 97424
CC502597 Delight Valley Early Head Start of Lane County, 79980 Delight Valley School Rd., Cottage Grove 97424
CC503052 Florence HSOLC, 2325 Oak Street, Florence 97439
RA 1557 Head Start of Lane County, 221 B Street, Springfield  97477  (Administrative Staff)
CC503031 Junction City HSOLC , 722 W 5th Street Junction City 97448
CC503070 Oakridge HSOLC, 47477 Teller Rd, Oakridge 97463
CC501581 Village HSOLC, 320 Fairview Drive Springfield 97477
CC501902 Fairfield Early Head Start of Lane County, 3475 Royal Ave Eugene 97402
CC002186 Ross Lane HSOLC, 2648 Ross Lane Eugene 97404
CC503051 Brattain School HSOLC, 425N 10th Street, Springfield 97477
CC503071 Lane Community College HSOLC, 4000 E 30th Ave Eugene 97405
CC503068 Main Street HSOLC, 1250 Main Street Springfield 97477
CC502762 The Park HSOLC, 1950 N. 2nd Street, Springfield 97477
CC502762 The Park Early Head Start, 1950 N. 2nd Street, Springfield 97477
CC501902 Fairfield HSOLC, 3475 Royal Ave Eugene 97402
CC002189 University of Oregon HSOLC, 901 E 18th Ave #157 Eugene 97403
CC052364 Whiteaker HSOLC, 21 North Grand Eugene 97402
CC052420 Howard 1 & 2, 790 Howard Avenue Eugene 97404
CC503497 El Camino Del Rio, 120 W Hilliard Lane Eugene
CC503030 Clear Lake HSOLC, 4646 Barger Dr, Eugene 97404
CC503498 Danebo Elementary School, 1265 Candlelight Dr, Eugene
CC Lundy Elementary School, 45 S Moss St, Lowell

Upon successful enrollment in the Central Background Registry, your status in the registry will be valid for a period of two years.120 days prior to your expiration date, a renewal application will be mailed to the address on file with CCD. IMPORTANT: It is your responsibility to notify CCD in writing of an address or phone number change during your two year enrollment period, so we may update information. Please include your Central Background Registry enrollment number with all correspondence to CCD.

Verification of enrollment in the registry will be accomplished prior to any employment offers. Subject individuals may be hired on a probationary basis if they are conditionally enrolled in the Central Background Registry. Conditional enrollment is determined by the Child Care Division. However if the conditional enrollment is rescinded, Head Start will not continue the employment relationship. Under no circumstances will a subject individual be allowed to work for Head Start unless they are enrolled or conditionally enrolled in the Central Background Registry.

When additional processing is required

An FBI background check, fingerprinting (at additional cost) and/or additional requirements are required in the following situations:

  • Applicant has lived outside the state of Oregon in the last 18 months.
  • An Oregon State Police computerized criminal history check indicates a multi-state offender status.
  • CCD has obtained information that you have committed a crime in another state.

If you have any questions, please call the Child Care Division at 1-800-556-6616 or visit the Child Care Division web site for general information.

Food Handler's Card

Employment for positions at Head Start that involve serving, preparation or transport of food at site kitchens, main kitchen, and classrooms require a current Food Handler's Card. See job descriptions for specific employment requirements. Information and testing for Food Handler's Cards is available online or from Lane County Environmental Health (125 East 8th Avenue, Eugene, OR).

Oregon Registry Online (ORO)

Within 60 days of employment, Head Teachers and Teachers will need to provide valid proof of enrollment into the Oregon Registry Step’s Program. Application forms will be issued at time of Hire. Go online to check your ORO account or learn more about Oregon Registry Online.

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Drug Free Workplace

Certain positions require a post employment offer drug/alcohol and physical capacity testing.  See job descriptions for details.  Additionally bus drivers must meet the requirements of the Omnibus Transportation Employee Testing Act of 1991 and subsequent revisions to the Act. 

All employee's are expected to comply with Head Start of Lane County's Drug and Alcohol Policy which includes reasonable suspicion testing, post accident testing and return to duty for all employees.

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Workers Compensation - SAIF Corporation

Injured Workers Guide, How to File a Claim, MyClaim (track your own claim), Forms, Other Resources etc.

Learn More at SAIF CORP - Workers Compensation Insurance

Direction/Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

The primary goal of the Direction EAP is to assist employees in preventing personal and job performance problems from occurring in the first place by promoting healthy activities for employees and their families. Learn more at Cascade Health Solutions/Direction online. Contact 541-345-2800 or 800-535-1347

Additional Insurance Benefit Information (enrollment/change forms, summary plans, etc.)

Select - Resources Tab/Document Archive/HR/Other Documents

Health Insurance Plan

Coverage provided by Providence Health Plans. Regular Employees are eligible for coverage 90 days from the 1st of the month following employment. Plan # - 100377, Personal Option Plan. Customer Service Phone Number 1-800-878-4445 

See Resources Tab/Document Archive/HR/Other Documents  for copies of current coverage summaries for Providence Health Insurance.

Member materials, now available online:  Employees and their dependents can view these materials on the Providence Web site after registering for a myProvidence account.

Step 1: Visit
Step 2: Click on “Get Started!” under the “Members” section.
Step 3: Click on the myProvidence “Register” button.
Step 4: Fill out the registration form, including member ID number and group number.
Step 5: Once registered, click on the Providence Health Plans tab.

What will employees find on our Web site?   Employees gain access to dozens of online tools and health resources when they register for myProvidence.  Get Started! guides employees with screenshots illustrating how to:

• View medical claims and payment status
• View deductible, copayment and coinsurance amounts
• Find a doctor, hospital or pharmacy
• Order a replacement member ID card
• Research cost and quality options


Prefer paper?
Employees may call Providence Health Plan customer service at 503-574-7500 or 800-878-4445 to have
their member materials mailed to them

*****Employee's who are interested in insuring their children (under 19 years of age) and cannot afford the premiums with Providence may wish to check with Healthy Kids (Oregon program) for income eligibility and details.  This program offers free or no cost health insurance for children/teens. (phone 1-877-314-5678)

Dental Insurance

Head Start of Lane County provides two options for dental insurance.

Pacific Source. The phone number is 1-888-977-9299. The group number is G0033523.

  Willamette Dental Group provides dental services at two dental clinics in Eugene/Springfield area.  Plan #OR56  Cust Service 800-460-7644 #4, Appointments 800-461-8994

Life and Accidental Death/Dismemberment Insurance

Eligible employees are covered by $20,000 term life policy per the labor contract. No dependent coverage is available. Contact Human resources for any claims or beneficiary changes. Lincoln Life Insurance  Plan/Group Number - #00010181096.     Customer Service Number 1-800-423-2765 (Mon thru Thurs 7 am - 7pm/Fri 7 am -5pm)

Short Term Disability Insurance

Eligible employees may receive up to 11 weeks of disability payments paying up to 66 2/3% of their average weekly wages. Please contact Human Resources at the earliest possible time to set up an appointment for directions on claim processing.  Lincoln Short Term Disability Plan/Group Number -  Hourly # 00001018198, Exempt voluntary #000010181108    Customer Service Number 1-800-423-2765 (Mon thru Thurs 7 am - 7 pm/Fri 7 am-5pm)

Flex Spending Accounts

American Fidelity provides services for flex spending accounts for pretax un-reimbursed medical expenses, dependent/child care, and health insurance premiums. Also offered are supplemental insurance plans i.e. Life Insurance, Cancer care, and Long Term disability. Contact Faith Perry 877-293-1090 ext.  42          Click here for more information and to download reimbursement forms.

403B – Retirement Savings Plan

Starting in 2014 our vendor for the 403 B Retirement Savings Account is One America.   All new employees starting August 1, 2014. will automatically be enrolled in the plan and 3% of wages will be contributed unless the employee opts out.  To opt out of the plan and/or for more information regarding the 403 B Plan see the website at or you may contact Dominic Corleto, Financial Advisor /Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC at 541-242-6536.  

There is a Universal 403B Self Contribution Notification notice available under the resources tab, select "archived documents" then "HR" then "Other". 

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Labor Contract, Wage Scale, Personnel Handbook - Select Resources Tab/Document Archives/HR/Handbooks 
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Education Links

Accredited Colleges and Universities- Regional Northwest - Listing

Portland State University  ECE Program
PSU Academic Advisor Dan Overbay,    (503) 725-4811 

Eastern Oregon University
Bachelors Degree in Early Childhood Education

Lane Community College

Blue Mountain Community College
ECE Associates Degree program

CDA Council
National list of colleges with ECE programs and CDA Programs

Early Childhood Learning and Knowledge Center
College Tips for Head Start Staff

Federal Student Aid
Financing, loan forgiveness, and more.

CPR and First Aid Classes & Misc

Oregon Pacific Red Cross

Trained For Life

The CPR & First Aid Training Center

Oregon ChildCare/Care Courses

Work Place Safety

Ergonomics is about arranging our environments so we can work comfortably and safely, whether we're in the office or on the move. Learn about ergonomic workstations, mobile devices, proper posture, stretching, and more.