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Auto Deposit Payroll English
Full Day Letter of Agreement English Spanish
Full Day Subsidy Pay English Spanish
Teaching Staff Quality Dollar Request English
Translation Services Bilingual
W-4 Tax Withholding Form English
Program Information Guide English Spanish
School Calendar - Early Head Start English Spanish
School Calendar - Extended Day Option English Spanish
School Calendar - Full Day Option English Spanish
School Calendar - Part Day Option English Spanish
Training Schedule
Annual Report English
Community Assessment English
Kohl's Car Seat Clinic Calendar Bilingual
Multicultural Principals English
Organizational Chart English
Region List English
Registration Handout - Need to Knows English
Staff Roster English
Staff Solution Tool Kit English
Strategic Directions English
Volunteer Application English
Volunteer Orientation Checklist English
Board - Conflict of Interest Form English
Governance and Management Responsibilities English
Hershey Personality Test English
Policy Council Brochure English Spanish
Policy Council Concern Form Bilingual
Policy Council Executive Committee Responsibilities English
Policy Council Handbook English Spanish
Policy Council Job Description English Spanish
Policy Council Rep Information English Spanish
Policy Council Supplemental Reimbursement Bilingual
***2013 Safety Data Sheet Requirements English
Alpha HP English
Apex Poewr Dishwashing Soap English
BZK Antiseptic Towelette English
Dust Off in a Can English
GOJO Purell Sanitizing Wipes English
J512 MSDS English
Lysol Power & Free Multi-Purpose Wipes English
Para Urinal Toss Block (Cherry) English
SE64-Neutral Multi-use Cleaner English
SE66 Disinfectant Bilingual
Suspend SC Insecticide English
Civil Rights Complaint Form English
Photograph & Publicity Release English
Record of Request for Disclosure of Records English
Training Addition Request English
Curriculum and Individual Plan Tracking English
I Love You Because You're You English Spanish
Home Visit Plan Bilingual
First Response Strategies English
Dangerous Behavior Site Plan English
First Incident of Dangerous Behavior Checklist English
Head Start School Readiness Goals English
Infant Toddler Handwashing English
Permission for Additional Services Bilingual
Cycle Menu for Head Start: Part Day, Full Day, Extended Day English
Cycle Menu: Early Head Start English
Cycle Menu: Head Start Full Day & Part Day English
Cycle Menu: Vegetarian
Garden-March News English
Milk Substitute Request - NonDisabled English
Site Kitchen Weekly Inventory English
Alert - Cryptosporidiosis English
Alert - Herpangina ((caused by Coxsackie viruses) English
No Nut Poster English
LCC Dental Sealant Clinic Brochure English
First Aid Kit- Inventory Checklist English
Health Appraisal: Child Bilingual
Parent Permission for Medication Administration Bilingual
Childhood Diseases and Pregnancy English
Diapering Instructions English
H1N1 Info Sheet English
H1N1 When to Keep Your Child Home English
Health Services Advisory Committee Brochure English
Influenza Vaccine Information 2012 English
Lice Brochure English Spanish
Lice Handout - Pediculosis Society English Spanish
Possible Sources of Lead Poisoning English Spanish
RiverStone Brochure English Spanish
Tdap Vaccine Information 2012 English
When to Keep Your Child Home English Spanish
Inventory of Practices by Category English
Permission for Additional Services Bilingual
Points To Remember When Arranging Counseling Services English Spanish
Tips on Temperment (Spanish) Spanish
What is Early Childhood Mental Health (ECMH) Consultation? English
CACFP- Child Enrollment-Infant Formula English
Garden-April News English
Special Diet Request English Spanish
WIC Orientation English Spanish
Vision Screening Results English Spanish
Employee Handbook English
Substitute Handbook English
Volunteer Handbook English
Paper Timecard - Universal - Exempt English
Performance Eval - Ratings Guidelines English
Performance Eval - Universal Mid Point Probationary English
Training Attendance Sheet- Non Staff English
2015-2016 American Fidelity Brochure Medical and Dependent Care Expense Accounts English
2015-2016 Lincoln Services/Travel Connect English
2016-2017 American Fidelity - Claim Form - Flex Spending/Pre Taxed Health/Dental Insurance Premiums English
2016-2017 American Fidelity - Flex Guide - Flex Spending Medical Expense/Dependent Day Care Expense English
2016-2017 Mandatory Annual Notice Medicare Part D English
2016-2017 Mandatory Annual Notice Newborns Act and Women's Health Act English
2016-2017 Mandatory Health Care Reform Notice/Insurance Exchanges English
2016-2017 Willamette Dental Enrollment Info Packet English
2016-2017 Willamette Dental Enrollment/Change Form English
2016-2017 Willamette Dental Plan Summary English
2017-2018 Providence Health Insurance Benefit Summary English
2017-2018 Providence Prescription Drug Summary English
Mandatory Annual Notice 403B Universal Self Contribution English
W-4 English
Eligibility Application English Spanish
Eligibility Application Information Bilingual
Eligibility Application Instructions Bilingual
Delegation of Parental/Guardian Powers English
Family Event Planning English
Notification of Parent Rights (student education file) English Spanish
Parent Activity Fundraising Approval English
Parent Education & Interest Survey English Spanish
Parent Orientation Checklist English Spanish
Parent-Event Attendance Sheet Bilingual
Volunteer Brochure English Spanish
Ways to Volunteer in Head Start English Spanish
Welcoming a Second Child to Your Family English
10 Great Stress Reducers English Spanish
A Reading Corner at Home English
BIG Books and Magazines English
Dad's Guide to Parent-Teacher Conferences English Spanish
Helping Kids Work Through Grief English
How to Choose a Therapist English
Keeping Holidays Happy English
Listening Tips English
Literacy Resources English
Making Good Readers English
Reading: 10 minutes or 2 Hours? English
Reading: Using Grocery Advertisements English
Stress Control Spanish
Summer Food Safety Tips English
Toilet Training Tips English Spanish
Duck - Cover & Hold On - Earthquake Drill English
Emergency Home Phone List English
Early Head Start School Readiness Goals English
Permission for Additional Services Bilingual
EHS - CACFP Child Enrollment English Spanish
PHQ-9 English Spanish
Homework Tracker Bilingual
Bussing Transfer Request English
Drug Consent English
No Bus for Child English
Transportation Reminder English Spanish
Transportation Route Change Bilingual
Transportation Training Letter English Spanish
New Staff Training Certificate English
Substitute Director Orientation English