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Attendance Contest - Was there an Improvement from October to November?

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Sickness and holidays dropped attendance from October to November. Some notables to mention are:

Region 1: Brattain 2am has 9 perfect attendance- half the class!

Region 2: Main 1AM has 1 child who improved attendance from 65% to 94% and Park PM had a child improved from 29% to 71%

Region 3: R3 has the most # of perfect attendance. Clearlake 2AM had 6 kids at 94% attendance

Region 4: Florence has 6 kids whose attendance improved. Howard 2AM has two kids with perfect attendance for both October and November

Region 5: DVS 2am has two kids who went from 71% to 80% attendance. Oakridge also has 2 kids up from 82% to 100%!!

Region 6: 26 kids have improved attendance. One child went from 65% to 88%. Six kids in the Whit Modular have perfect attendance

Region 7: Whit FD has 9 perfect attendance. Ross has 4 kids with perfect attendance for October and November!

The next step is for Policy Council to draw the name for each site (not AM/PM), one for perfect attendance and one for most improved attendance.

The Council will consider repeating the attendance in February.